Song of Sons – Sons of the Never Wrong



Celebrating 25 years with 12 new songs, Sons of the Never Wrong sing of love, life, peace, and redemption. Some special guests; gospel legend Elsa Harris, Chamber Blues Ensemble, Michael Miles and other exciting friends join the Sons to make this a remarkable ride! For a peek into their odd-ball inspiration and creative process, here is what the liner notes say;

“25 years ago, after playing to an empty coffeehouse on Sheffield Ave, we ran into Beethoven while packing up the van. We said “hey Beethoven – what’s the deal?” Of course he couldn’t hear, but he opened his mouth and out came the 9th Symphony. Incapable of understanding, we picked up jangly instruments and played along as if we knew what we were doing. He was not fooled. We knew even then he was decomposing, but before he flew too close to the sun and turned ashes to ashes he said  “embrace each other now you millions, this kiss is for the whole wide world.” We could finally hear what he had been trying to say all along – all of us are one, all music is folk music, and all the world’s a stage!

Song List:

  1. Pull Me Through  3:59
  2. Map of Regrets  3:37
  3. Standing at the Hand 4:35
  4. Like a Sailor  2:49
  5. Pirouettes  2:47
  6. I Got You  3:26
  7. Castro’s Head  3:30
  8. 1000 Years  3:41
  9. Build a Nest  3:09
  10. Sing I Love You  2:54
  11. Wholes  3:19
  12. Song of Sons  3:44


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