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“Where do bands like this come from and why do they take so long to get here? Breaking down perimeters of Folk, Americana, Roots etc, this duo’s sound is like nothing else.” – Midwest Record

Eleven subtle and wise original songs on Tarantula Arms – from stark “Wyoming” to lush “Ashes to Wildflowers” – concern growth, regeneration, and perseverance. Wisconsin-raised songwriter/guitarist and vintage Americana vocalist Rawling honed her songmaking skill during many summers working atop a fire tower in the Mt. Hood wilderness. Parks plays violin, viola, mandolin and ukelele. He sings harmony, but his “voice” is heard in the form of his distinctive string-playing, which has a dusty, mournful quality revealing classical, mountain, and bluegrass influences.

“Tarantula Arms is a landscape of songs collected through our travels. Emotional tales of struggle and triumph mixed with our love of nature, these songs are sung with heart and subtle harmonies, layered with strings upon strings.
We are incredibly proud of these new songs, and feel that they represent a major evolution in our creative expression! Heart, soul, Skyler Norwood (our brilliant sound engineer) and everything but the kitchen sink are in this project!”

1. Wyoming
2. No More Gold
3. Ashes To Wildflowers
4. Slippery Slope
5. Oh Heart
6. Dead Leg
7. Mama’s Evening
8. Beautiful Words
9. Buffleheads
10. Ghost
11. We Will


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