The Other Evening in Chicago


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“It’s his integrity.
I always think of Bob as if Emerson and Thoreau had picked up acoustic guitars
and gotten into songwriting. There’s touches of Mark Twain and Buddy Holly in
there, too.”
-Tom Paxton

“While fans from Claudia Schmidt to June Tabor may have…incredible taste
in picking songs…when they sing Massachusetts-based Bob Franke’s tunes, neither
they nor anyone else can come close to the emotional (and spiritual) depth Franke
brings to his understated songs of the heart, from ‘Hard Love’ to ‘The Great
Storm Is Over’. He continues also to dig into Robert Johnson’s blues, and songs
that offer hilarious uses of everything from bicycle repair to computers as
metaphors for sex. In the folk singer-songwriter realm, Franke is simply the
-Larry Kelp, Express, Berkeley, California

” . . . a singer-songwriter
unsurpassed for his lyrical grace . . . one of our wisest and most spiritually
graceful songwriters”
The Boston Globe, Boston, MA

The Other Night in Chicago
was recorded live in Chicago at WFMT’s “Folkstage” program, hosted
and produced by Rich Warren. In addition to containing most of Franke’s enduring
favorites – “The Great Storm Is Over,” “Hard Love”, “For
Real”, “Thanksgiving Eve”, and “A Still Small Voice”
– his introductions capture his humor and reveal a personal side to the material
that make this collection a self-portrait. Franke has the right kind of courage,
and the understanding that the only holy war worth fighting is the one in your
own heart.Bob Franke (it rhymes with “Yankee”) began his career as
a singer-songwriter in 1965 while a student at the University of Michigan. He
was one of the first people to perform at the now famous Ark Coffeehouse in
Ann Arbor. Upon graduation in 1969 with an A.B. in English Literature, he moved
to Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has since made New England his home.
Bob’s songs are considered classics, fueled by his deep faith and the real-life
lessons taught him by his 30-odd years of playing everywhere from concert halls
to street corners. Bob has appeared in concert at coffeehouses, colleges, festivals,
bars, streets, homes and churches in 33 states, four Canadian provinces and
England. His concerts have appeared in lists of the top five musical events
of the year chosen by critics in the Boston and San Francisco Bay areas. In
1990, he was nominated as an Outstanding Folk Act by the Boston Music Awards.
Among his live radio credits are A Prairie Home Companion, A Mountain Stage,
Our Front Porch, Sandy Bradley’s Potluck, Folk Scene, West Coast Weekend, and
Bound for Glory.

1. Introduction (Rich Warren)
2. Kitchen Boy
3. William the Streak
4. Alleluia, the Great Storm is Over
5. (spoken: Inter-Species Communication)
6. Catfish
7. Hard Love
8. (spoken: Whose Potato Masher?)
9. My Lover’s T-Shirts
10. (spoken: One Evening in Chicago…)
11. My Favorite Women
12. (spoken: The Third or Fourth Love Song…)
13. Love Bravely, Elizabeth
14. (spoken: My Father’s Wound)
15. For Real
16. A Healing In This Night
17. (spoken: In Memoriam: Freyda Epstein
18. Collateral Damage
19. Source
20. (spoken: In Lieu of Chili)
21. Thanksgiving Eve
22. (spoken: Thanks, Mom!)
23. Acid Polka
24. (spoken: A Certain Amount of Loss)
25. Day of the Dead
26. (spoken: Hypnagogic States
27. Sleeping Hearts
28. A Still Small Voice


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