The Pomegranate Seed


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The Pomegranate Seed is based
on Cosy’s one woman show of the same
name, billed as “An Exploration of Appetite, Body-Image and Myth in
Modern Culture.” The songs focus on beauty and body in myths both
ancient and modern. Cosy mixes broad humor with deep insights for a
record which is both thought provoking and a pleasure to hear.

“Whether drawing laughs or making you catch your breath, Sheridan
never lets up on her message of empowerment, of questioning authority
– but her easy voice and delicately played guitar are powers in their
own right, authorities that will go unquestioned by anyone who
experiences this recording.”
-Pamela Murray Winters, Dirty Linen Magazine

1. The Pomegranate Seed
2. Dorothy and Eve
3. The Little Train
4. All Alone With a Bathingsuit
5. Barbie
6. Iphigenia
7. Cordelia
8. The Losing Game
9. Demeter’s Lost Daughter
10. In the Underworld
11. Sharp Objects (A Letter Home)
12. Bad Cliche
13. Survivor
14. A Flower From Inside Eden
15. My Mother’s House
16. You Can Always Go Home


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