The Rose in June


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(Old and New Tradition)

The Rose in June is Killen’s favorite of his recordings – “it builds,” he says.
“One Night As I Lay On My Bed” is a strikingly beautiful night visiting ballad
from Cornwall, delivered unaccompanied with commanding subtlety; “One April
Morning” is a rousing rustic ballad learned from Cyril Tawney and accompanied
on concertina. “Friendless Mary” and “Banks of Sweet Dundee,” “Barbara Allen,”
“Patrick Spens” and “Bogie’s Bonnie Belle” are from the Scottish tradition;
“A Grand Conversation on Napoleon,” “The Cock,” and “Bruton Town,” English;
and here are Gordon Bok’s “Bay of Fundy,” Andy Barnes’ “The Last Leviathan,”
Ewan MacColl’s “Shellback’s Song,” Mary Brooksbank’s “Jute Mill Song,” and the
epic title track, about the last stirring moments before shipwreck for the crew
of The Rose in June.


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