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Medieval and Renaissance Airs, Songs and Dances arranged for solo harp.

Therese Honey’s deeply studied music opens a window into other times, with their historical backdrop, spiritual qualities and ways of feeling. We really feel we are sitting in a hall, listening to music fit for Queen and King. Honey plays reproductions of old harps, tuned to Medieval and Renaissance temperaments, rather than modern equal temperament. A few tracks feature the “bray harp.” Therese: “In the 15th and 16th centuries, harps had L-shaped pegs called “bray pins” to hold the strings into the soundboard, with the leg of the “L” resting on its string, causing the strings to buzz, or “bray like a donkey” when plucked. This distinctive sound is thought to be the preferred sound of the harp in the Renaissance. It is indeed wonderful to play dance music with a bray harp.” TH has added preludes, drones and/or counter-melodies to the single-line melodies surviving from the medieval period; the Renaissance music has been arranged for solo harp with new variations or divisions, a common performance practice of the time. On this unique recording,The Royale Harpist offers enchantment and education in equal measure.

1. Santa Maria amar (Cantigas de Santa Maria #7)
2. Edi beo thu Hevene Quene (Anonymous)
3. Kalenda Maya (Raimbaut de Vaquieras)
4. Saltarello (Anonymous)
5. Alle, psalite, Alleluya
6. Ondas do mar de Vigo (Martin Codax)
7. Cuncti simus (Anonymous)
8. Non sofre (Anonymous)
9. Dansse Real (Anonymous)
10. Santa Maria, strella do dia (Cantigas de Santa Maria #100)
11. Nonesuch – Jhon Come Kisse Me Noue (Anonymous)
12. Joy to the Personne of my Love (Anonymous)
13. L’espagnoletta (Anonymous)
< 14. Mr. Dowland's Midnight (John Dowland)
15. Ladie Laiton’s Alman (John Dowland)
16. Round Battle Galliard (John Dowland)
17. Branle d’Escosse (Thoinot Arbeau)
18. Branle de la Torche (Michael Praetorius)


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