The Set of the Sail


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Sea songs, most discovered in recent trips to England. “Tom Bowling” is said to have been Henry David Thoreau’s favorite song! Pint: guitars, octave mandolin, vocals; Dale: hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, whistle, bodhran, vocals. Guest musicians include Tania Opland (fiddle), Steve Peterson (percussion), Dan Mohler (bass) and Jay Kenney (tambourine).

1. Fanfare
2. Go From My Window
3. Northern Tide
4. The Trawling Trade
5. Mother Dinah
6. The Dreadnaught
7. Tom Bowling
8. Jack Tar Ashore
9. The Handsome Cabin Boy
10. Fire Down Below
11. Rolling Down to Old Maui
12. Adieu Les Filles De Mon Pays


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