The Sky Goes Clear


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“Rich, raw poetry. Randy Black is a musical Jack Kerouac. His nocturnally bent style has a rugged realism and brooding urgency.” – Boston Globe

1. Simple Things

2. Can’t Get Over

3. Enthusiastic

4. Monkey

5. Green Dress

6. Imposter

7. Magic

8. Trying

9. Days Gone Blue

“Personal politics are very important. Everything starts from our dealings with each other – if things go well there, if we take care of each other, maybe that expands outward.” -Randy

The three core members of the Heathcroppers are veterans of the Boston music scene and have played in a few other influential bands. Randy Black on guitar and vocals; Larry Dersch on drums; Matt Gruenberg on bass.
The name Heathcroppers is taken from the novels of Thomas Hardy and the lyric content shows a strong literary bent. Randy Black is also a published short story writer (as Edwin M. Steckevicz).

From “There was a buzz created when Randy Black’s name cropped up in the concert reports. His band Limbo Race won the Rumble in 1982 and his intense music gained him some dedicated fans. Tonight he was billed as Randy Black and the Heathcroppers. The first line in the first song was, ‘There’s a monkey inside of me.’ That was the signal that we would have songs dealing with the inner landscape of the mind…This was an intense set that plumbed the depths of the human condition and was guaranteed to affect your mood and emotions if you were open to it. That’s a lot to say, I know, but then again that’s what he did back in the day. …Randy has an expressive singing voice that is never mannered. There was nothing half-baked about this gig. They were well rehearsed and they came with a new set of powerful songs, no dead wood here. …You don’t often see a set as amazing as this. We felt lucky to be there…”


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