There’s a Light


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(Molly Gamblin Music)

Produced by John Cunningham.
Collins’s “The
Enfolding” is a highlight of this stirring CD.
Also songs by Martha P. Hogan, Jane Yolen, Bob
Franke’s “For Real,” and the hymn “Ecstasy.”
Instrumentation includes dulcimer, mandolin,
fiddle, synthesizer, electric guitar, cello,
french horn, trumpet and more.

1. Dance Me ‘Round (L. Collins)
2. All You Can Do (Martha P. Hogan)
3. The Ballad of the White Seal Maid (Jane Yolen / L. Collins)
4. Leaf in the Winter (Collins)
5. There’s a Light (Collins)
6. For Real (Bob Franke)
7. Midwinter Night (Collins)
8. The Enfolding (Collins)
9. Ecstasy (Rev. John Leland / T.W. Carter
10. Lullabye (Collins)


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