This is the New That


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 Jonathan Byrd delivers a convincing and thrilling rock and roll album, full of ace songwriting and musicianship. It’s distinctly Southern in feeling, full of character and characters crossing paths and swords in a world pierced through with incomprehensible forces. The ever-evolving Byrd mentions as influences, Bob Dylan, Anais Mitchell, The Beatles & Merle Haggard.

“Jonathan Byrd continues to inspire awe with his versatility and
musical sensitivity. This Is the New That does for rock and roll what
The Sea and the Sky did for bluegrass, which is to take things to a
different level. No one doubts that rock and roll can speak with a
meaningful voice, but it hasn’t spoken with such integration and
grounded perspective for many years indeed. Folkies will like this
recording, but Byrd draws a wider circle concentric to the one he
already created. It is
possible for first-rate songwriting to be sustained through a full
length rock recording while
exploring nearly every mode of human emotion and remaining, for lack
of better words ‘very cool.’ If you doubt it, spin the disc and
you’ll see.” – Randy Auxier, WDBX Carbondale, IL

 1.   The Cocaine Kid

    2.   Colleen

    3.   Jesus was a Bootlegger

    4.   Hank

    5.   Sexy Jessie

    6.   Austin Women

    7.   The Cold & Hungry Night

    8.   Learn to Rock ‘n’ Roll

    9.   Amelia, My Dream

   10.  I Want You

   11.  The Bishop & The Ghost of the Nazarene

   12.  Jacks

with Rob McMaken, electric guitar & vocals
Andrew Reissiger, electric guitar
Jeff Reilly, drums
Neal Fountain, bass & lap steel
Will McFarlane, electic guitar
Mary Moss, vocals


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