Three Good Reasons


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“I was knocked down! …[Sons]
have a totally
original and new and bright sound. I think this
group is going to go far… that folk-acoustic
thing, but it’s also modern and young sounding.
This is a unique concept.” – Michael Smith

“…a folk trio whose exuberance elevates…” – Chicago Magazine

Sons of the Never Wrong present a different view
of three part harmony on top of witty, whimsical
original songs that spring from a tradition you
swear you’ve heard, but you just don’t know where
or when. Comprised of Bruce Roper (vocals,
guitar, accordian, banjo & keyboards), Nancy
Walker (vocals, guitar and mandolin), and Sue
Demel (vocals, guitar and percussion), the Sons
weave a lyric and musical fabric “asking for
nothing but the joy of playing, fingers picking,
hands drumming and voices calling out
faithfully.” (Sue Demel) Featuring cover art by
Nicholas Africano, Three Good Reasons is their
debut CD.
Sitting in on this album are mandolinist Don
Stiernberg, guitarist Robert Quine (known for his
work with Matthew Sweet), Bassist Mark Edelstein,
percussionists Michael + Mark Cameron, guitarists
Kenny Schiff and Victor Sanders, and violinists
Andrae Delousier and Andrew Bird. Yang Ying of
the Beijing national orchestra plays a
traditional 2-stringed bowed instrument called an

1. 3 Good Reasons
2. Dead on the Highway
3. Alone in the Wake (Songbird)
4. Guitar Song
5. Set All God’s Children Free
6. Tiny Blue Flowers
7. Tatoo
8. Place
9. Doin’ What I Like To Do
10. Falling
11. Lovin’ Ground
12. Door of Love
13. Carpenter Song
14. With or With


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