Tubular Dogs


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Les Barker song parodies, various artists.

1. The Sloop John A., sung by David Knutson
2. O Sole Mio, sung by Hilary Spencer
3. Nolans (based on “Lowlands”), sung by Alison Younger
4. Grey Tunnel Line
sung by the author of the original version, Cyril Tawney
5. Have You Got Any News Of The Iceberg? -a lot of people
6. Custard Creams (based on “John O’ Dreams)
sung by author of original version, Bill Caddick
7. Techno Notice, “sung” by Les Barker
8. Breaking Wind Suddenly, sung by Alison Younger
9. Krill, Les Barker
10. Git a Long Little Dogie, June Tabor
11. Will the Turtle Be Unbroken?, David Knutson
12. I Live Not Near The Louvre, Eileen McGann

13. The Harvey Andrews Chorus.


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