Until We Must Part – Bob Franke





  1. Fare Thee Well

  2. I’m In Your Corner
  3. Good Dog
  4. Small World
  5. My Next Drink
  6. Country of Exiles
  7. Say Yes
  8. The Last Time I Ascended
  9. Come See What Love Has Done
  10. Walk the Walk
  11. Bethany

    Bob Franke’s first studio recording in seventeen years; genuine, gentle and true. Like another faithful “worker in song,” when Bob sings “Alleluia,” we believe him.

    Small World  © 2017 Robert J. Franke

    Once my world was wide, full of possibilities.
    While I waited for my chances to come, I was deaf, I was dumb, I was dreaming.
    It was cold inside, hiding from hostilities.

    Still I figured that a man with a rhyme and a meter in time could break through.
    Life came and happened, choices were made every day.
    Some were mistakes, some were fabulous breaks, good for me when I saw them that way.

    Now my world is small. Love has made a heart for me.
    Fond goodbyes to all the roads never taken, the found and forsaken, not meant to be.
    If I loved at all, they are all a part of me.

    Now whatever I may do, all my world is you

    Bob Franke: acoustic 6 & 12 string guitars, electric slide guitar, keyboards, vocals
    Martin Grosswendt: mandolin, acoustic lead guitar, electric guitar
    Buffie Groves: backing vocals
    Geoff Bartley: acoustic guitar, electric guitars and percussion
    Matt Castilla: alto saxophone
    Rufus Crissom: drums


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