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“Vote in November: Election 2004 Anti-Theft Device,” is an anti-Bush administration, pro-humanity CD. It’s a provocative, empowering collection of twelve original songs, two poems and a Chris Chandler/Anne Feeney theater piece. 9 tracks are previously unreleased. The CD was #1 on folk radio ( for the month of October, 2004; it was used as a fundraiser for Kerry, Moveon, and to fund Wisconsin bus rides for canvassers from Illinois. Waterbug sent out 800 media copies and gave hundreds away.

“The arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Review in Easy Reader, Bondo Wyszpolski:

Waterbug’s… political views leave nothing to doubt: “We see this election as a critical moment in our history – an opportunity to depose a dangerous, extremist administration that is squandering the moral, natural, financial and human resources of this country.” They’ve back up their collective viewpint with a basket of timely protest tunes, consisting of a dozen songs, two poems, and a cabaret-like theater piece. The record was concieved and produced by Andrew Calhoun, who also reads one of the poems, Stephen Vincent Benet’s “Short Ode,” which Calhoun delivers with resolve and sensitivity.
Almost everything here is worth a mention. The CD opens with Steve Gillette’s “The Wumper,” in which our protagonist wants to buy politicians- the rest of us, meanwhile, can find jobs at at Wal-Mart. In “Mercy,” Kate McDonnell tells us that “I’m tired of our boy-king, who wants to play at war.” Although Dan Bern sings like a guy with a cold, and whose contribution tends to drone, his message couldn’t be any clearer: “We will not twice be cheated, ” he says in “Bush Must Be Defeated,” “His welcome’s been exceeded.” … Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers – whose melodies sound like a Russian folk dance – perform “Lied,” with such observations as “We know you lied; you took the whole world for a ride.” Hugh Blumenfeld’s “King George III” is a portrait of misdeeds, and in spirit recalls the great Phil Ochs, one of the luminary protest singers of the 1960s. In “You Better Keep an Eye On Him,” Jonathan Byrd and Dromedary offer a warning in a down-home drawl: “I know he seems pretty dim, but you better keep an eye on him.” … this album is a sign of hope… for its spirit and pluck it deserves a big hand.

1. The Wumper – Steve Gillette
2. Mercy – Kate McDonnell

3. Bush Must Be Defeated – Dan Bern
4. Lied – Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers
5. King George III- Hugh Blumenfeld
6. You Better Keep An Eye On Him – Jonathan Byrd And Dromedary
7. The Civilised World – Les Barker
8. Born A Thousand Times – Sons Of The Never Wrong
9. Carnivals #3 – Chris Chandler And Anne Feeney
10. In Bed With The Enemy – Jack Hardy
11. Dangerous Times – Chuck Brodsky
12. Two Kids -Anais Mitchell
13. Short Ode – Andrew Calhoun
14. The Thief – Michael Troy
15. Filled With Love – Joyce Andersen


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