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“Even her most straightforward lyrics possess a fantastic, almost subliminal quality that brings to mind the magic-realist fiction of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.”
– Acoustic Guitar

“She’s erotic in the noblest sense of the word and her lyrical genius is spellbinding.” -Sing Out!

Annie Gallup’s 8th release marries her spoken and sung song-poems to exquisitely sympathetic classically based string quartet arrangements created by Asia Mei. This surprising juxtaposition of genres invites us to hear both songs and quartet in new ways. Gallup weaves the telling personal detail into the larger canvas of history, tracing joys and regrets from the painful summer of 1968 to ground zero. Annie says Weather is “about faith, the deep steady core at the center of turbulence, the incremental progress toward an unknowable end.”

Weather represents a leap of faith for both Annie, who laid her guitar aside, and for Asia Mei, a musician accomplished in several genres who had never done a strings only project. Russian born, Israeli raised (in Jerusalem), Berklee educated, living in Harlem, Asia’s own music is keyboard based alt rock.

Annie writes: “I wanted to get away from all known genre relationships, a different context, about words and music, and to explore the trapdoor between poetry and classical music, which is very different than the trapdoor between poetry and folk music, and mostly I wanted to bypass all the snags of cleverness, cliche, reference, expectation, to make something strong enough to find it’s way to the heart… “

Weather is gorgeous, moving, exquisite, so well performed, written, imagined! …I’ve cried stinging tears on Late, and slow soothing rivers with All Night Rain (that song is particularly stunning) and Bird…oh my… Each song unwrapping slowly like a present.” -Louise Taylor

1. Bird
2. My War
3. Hitchcock’s Thrillers
4. Sixty Eight
5. All Night Rain
6. Late
7. Regrets
8. Unmapped World
9. India
10. Hound
11. Blacktop Boardwalk
12. Ground Zero, Written in Chalk

Produced by Peter Gallway and Annie Gallup

Annie Gallup – voice
Benjamin Russell – violin
Yuki Numata – violin
Caitlin Lynch – viola
Brian Snow – cello
Loewi Lin – cello

Ground Zero, Written in Chalk

Was it already true on that morning I walked
Through the square and saw those words written in chalk?
Late July morning, high early light, heavy dew
Trash from the night before strewn on the grass
Green plastic bottles, broken glass,
Ruined umbrellas and over there a pair of high heeled shoes
I can still picture those shoes
And I tried to imagine the scene in the park
Under cover of darkness, the flutter of chalk marks
A hush in the shadows, the promise of risk
To be brave in the face of, and escape by your wits
But with sweet morning sun pouring down like honey
The words on the sidewalk seemed darkly funny
And just written in chalk

You and I were still speaking that September
At least on occasion and I remember
We spoke sometime in those first few days; seems I spoke to everyone I knew
You ran, you said, you ran and as dust overtook you,
you threw off your shoes and
ran faster.
Streets, you said, were ash and plaster
Trash and paper and shoes
Hundreds of high heeled shoes
I remember your call and the way that we spoke
Quiet and fierce and afraid and focused
And shaken and steady, and most of all, true
We were bound to each other; I told you I loved you
But later I heard that you’d bought a new car
Moved from the city, then time got away
Now I don’t even know how you are

In a magazine photograph taken that morning
Smoke is rising and time is frozen.
The streets are still clean then and they are clean now
And I’m walking north, I’m covering ground
And I can hear my heels on the sidewalk and I know how to love that sound


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