Where the Body Is


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Just go with your first thought
Don’t think it over
You know where the body is…

“A magical, wide sound in the beautifully orchestrated “The Landing” and Portishead-like “Orange Chair,” a phenomenal comeback for Corday.” – PopMagazineHeaven, Netherlands

“A groundbreaking production… magical and elusive” – Rein van den Berg, Johnny’s Garden

“An absolute work of genius… I’m blown away” – Monica Pasqual (Blame Sally)

The long-awaited release of Erin Corday’s first new studio recording in over 12 years. On electric and acoustic guitars, Corday is joined by producer Michael Savage on keyboards, Joel Litwin on drums and Rich DePaolo on bass. Special guests include Grace Hearn, Craig Flory, Dave Carter (Jesse Sykes) on trumpet and Eyvind Kang (Laura Veirs, Bill Frisell) on viola. Analog recording (MCI JH-24) on 2″ with additional digital tracking.

Unique songcraft: “Where the Body Is,” still startling imagination on the thirtieth listen; “Orange Chair,” on seeing ghosts; “Silks” a jockey’s moment of transformation, of becoming; with “Lullaby For a Not Yet Dead Boy,” Corday overwhelms with judicious compassion, depth of understanding, willingness to approach the unsettled Spirit at the heart of things. Inexplicable this. CD includes a full color 16-page booklet with complete lyrics, photos and artwork. As for why it took two years for this CD to come on the market after completion, Erin says, “The bizarreness is part of the story.”

1.Where the Body Is
2. The Landing

3. Silks
4. Two Weeks
5. Orange Chair
6. Hummingbird
7. Bee Song
8. The Beloved One
9. Lullaby for a Not Yet Dead Boy
10. Fuera
11. Undertow


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