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Featuring Tracy Grammer, Utah Phillips, Andrew Calhoun, Misty River, Tom May, Steve Einhorn and Kate Power, and Chris Kennedy, the Winterfolk XV CD
is a recording of a benefit concert held in Winter of 2003 in Portland,
Oregon, to raise money for Sisters Of the Road Cafe.

Winterfolk XV


ongoing experiment in community building known as Sisters Of The Road
Cafe, Inc. began on November 7, 1979. After hours of conversation with
neighborhood residents, Sandy Gooch and Genny Nelson opened the cafe with
three goals which remain unchanged: 1) the creation of a safe and
welcoming environment to neighborhood residents, especially women and
children, where 2) nourishing meals would be served at little cost or in
exchange for work and 3) job training and employment experience would be

Ever since I found out about Sisters, I’ve felt that without that little
cafe in Old Town, Portland wouldn’t feel quite so much like home. It’s
important to have a place where you can go and be welcome, and you don’t
realize how important until you don’t have the cash to make yourself
welcome anywhere else. It’s important to be able to get a meal when you’re
hungry, but it’s even more important to be able to pull your weight
instead of taking a handout.

Fifteen years ago, Mary Barclay of Portland Oregon flew Tom May out from
Omaha, Nebraska to play for her birthday at the Horse Brass Pub on a cold
January night. She took up a collection for a local charitable
organization, and “Winterfolk” was born. The following year Tom got other
musicians involved, and in year number four Sisters of the Road was
selected as the recipient of the proceeds. It felt right, and they did it
the next year, and the next, and the thing grew over the years. 2003
was another stellar lineup, with Tracy Grammer and Utah Phillips
headlining. The
Winterfolk XV CD has selections from all of the performers (except the
bagpiper, but he was great too) including living legend, sit-down
comedian, folksinger, raconteur, and wiseguy wise man Utah Phillips, Tracy Grammer, Waterbug founder Andrew Calhoun, the great
bluegrass quartet Misty
River, Kate
Power and Steve Einhorn, Chris Kennedy, and of course Winterfolk
founder and Artistic Director Tom

Tracks include Tracy Grammer singing Dave Carter’s songs “Ordinary Town”
and “The Mountain”, Andrew Calhoun singing “Tiger Tattoo” and “Joy” and
Utah Phillips singing “All Used Up” and “Railroading on the Great Divide”, Chris Kennedy’s “Big Dick Cheney Man”,
and a grand finale with Tracy Grammer, Andrew Calhoun, Misty River, and
Tom May singing on “Gentle Arms of Eden”.

Waterbug is donating proceeds of sales of the CD to Sisters of the Road
Cafe, and we want to thank everyone who’s been involved in the cafe over
the last 24 years for the work they’ve done to make Portland a more human
place to be. -Jon Kiparsky


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